Connect with us!

Celebrating with others at a weekend service is an important part of our church life. However, it's easy to get lost in a crowd.


God never intended for us to live life alone, He created us for community. That's why we celebrate "big" on the weekend and connect "small" throughout the week.


For us, connecting to God and others happens in groups, classes and teams. Whether you prefer to meet in an intimate group setting, a classroom-like environment or a task centered team; all of us need to be connected.


At FCC, we know that when we connect together we experience God through caring, learning and serving. We would love to help you find a place to connect at Family Community Church.

In a small, intimate setting, you will experience the love of God as you connect to a group of soon-to-be friends who are ready to experience life with you.

Each quarter, different classes are offered to give you a variety of topics to choose from.

Connection teams are designed to provide needed services within the church. Teams are a task oriented group of people who like to get things done while developing new friendships within the church.


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